MSXII Releases The Jungle Kit

Jungle Kit

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My buddies at MSXII released another kit called The Jungle Kit. MSX has been busy lately putting out quality kits and no recycled garbage like some that I don’t care to mention. They have a solid rep and you can trust their kits are good. Read more below.

Need some strange, top quality ethnic drums? Are your drum grooves and loops uninspiring? Look no further … The MSXII Jungle Kit solves all of your stagnant music production problems! This set is certain to take you out of the worst cases of “beat-block!” Filled up with incredible grooves, rare syncopated tempos, and uneven patterns, The Jungle Kit is poised to make you great artistically. We integrated some dope, genuine instruments such as djembe, guiro, timbale, speaking drum, Cajon, and agogo bells. Make no mistake; these are not loops from some recycled set. We own these instruments. We played these musical instruments. We carefully recorded these drums. You’re acquiring 100 % pure MSXII Sound Style soul. Don’t sleep. Get the Jungle Set and start to groovin’!

Set Features:

  • 16bit. wav data of top quality ethnic musical instruments.
  • Grooves and designs ready for cutting, slicing, and turning.
  • 7 Reward MSXII layered individual grooves.
  • No electronic clipping/distortion.
  • A number of groove ideas for many musical instruments.
  • It’s just great.
  • Suitable with all software DAWs and equipment samplers that accept the. wav style.

Make sure to add SONIC BOOM at check out.

Price 14.99

Buy here.

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