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The Akai MPC X & MPC Live are a beatmakers dream and something many users have been demanding for years. Finally we get a stand alone MPC with all the latest features like many DAWs have. Elastic audio, touch screen interface and much much more. I could go on but it will be a waste because of the many videos that popped up since Akai made the big announcement on Monday. Peep more below.


The X is a standalone MPC featuring a lovely, complete 10.1″ multi-touch screen, 16 remarkably responsive, as well as pressure-sensitive RGB pads and also 16 gigs storage space. To make it a really untethered, computer-free experience, the X also features 2 USB slots that can be utilized for MIDI controller connection.

MPC X rear

Powering the X is the excellent MPC 2.0 Software application, which runs natively in standalone setting. For more expressive efficiencies, there are 16 touch-sensitive 360-degree assignable pots– best for automating QLink specifications. Over each of those QLink pots is a high-resolution OLED screen, describing info for the specific specification.

MPC Live

Flexibility is crucial for all producers. Having the ability to quickly move from producer to entertainer suggests even more individuals have the opportunity to see as well as hear your music. The new MPC Live makes the process of doing your studio masterpieces on stage extremely smooth by integrating the power of a production centerpiece with the transportability as well as tough layout of an on stage workhorse.

At the heart of the new MPC Live is an attractive, complete color 7″ multi-touch screen, 4 touch-capacitive Q-Link controls, a clickable master encoder knob and 16 incredibly responsive and pressure-sensitive RGB pads.

MPC Live rear

Weighing in at 6 pounds, the MPC Live introduces a new age of ultra-portable production. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 16 gigs of on-board storage space, the MPC Live includes many ways to take your precious sample collection and also MPC sessions anywhere. Data can be accessed as well as moved to the constructed on-board storage space by means of the integrated SD card slot and/or two-port USB hub. If that’s inadequate storage, the MPC Live also showcases a 2.5″ SATA drive port giving added storage by means of installment of harddrive– SSD or HDD (sold independently). The very same USB center can additionally be made use of for MIDI controller connectivity with MPC Software 2.0.

MPC X Price $2199
MPC Live Price $1199

Find out more at akaipro.com

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