Modbap Modular Presents Osiris WavPak Volume 3

Chris Meyer


Modbap Modular is thrilled to announce the release of Osiris WavPak Volume 3, a remarkable addition to their sonic arsenal. This new offering, meticulously curated by Chris Meyer of Learning Modular, seamlessly integrates with Modbap Modular’s Osiris BI-FIDELITY WAVETABLE OSC, providing users with four banks of custom 32 x 32 wavetables designed to elevate their wavetable synthesis experience. Osiris WavPak Volume 3 is available as of November 2.

Chris Meyer, the founder of Learning Modular, possesses the expertise to enhance wavetable synthesis using Modbap Modular’s Osiris. Osiris, a powerful 12HP BI-FIDELITYTM WAVETABLE OSC module, boasts features such as frequency modulation, phase modulation, an independent sub-oscillator, LOFI processing, extensive CV modulation capabilities, a PITCH quantizer, and four banks of 32 x 32 wavetables. Users can also load custom wavetables via a Micro SD card and access the free open-source wavetable editor, OsirisEdit. Chris Meyer’s notable career includes pioneering Vector Synthesis technology for the 1986-vintage Prophet VS DIGITAL VECTOR SYNTHESIZER, working at Digidesign, Music Maker Publications, Tom Oberheim’s Marion Systems, and serving as the Chief Engineer at Roland R&D US. He eventually returned to modular synthesizers, coming full circle to his musical roots.



Osiris WavPak Volume 3 draws inspiration from Chris Meyer’s extensive studio modular synthesizer known as “The Monster.” This collection comprises four banks of meticulously sampled custom 32 x 32 wavetables, offering Osiris users a diverse range of timbral possibilities across different sonic aesthetics:

  • **BANK A (East Coast):** Crafted from Livewire Electronics AFG’s Animated Pulses and Alien Saws waveforms, as well as Serge-filtered waveforms, this bank delivers a versatile palette of sounds, from smooth textures to aggressive tones.
  • **BANK B (West Coast):** Incorporates experimental techniques like Serge rectification, wave folding, and Serge resonant EQ, offering abstract and experimental sound design possibilities.
  • **BANK C (Formants):** Focused on vowel sounds, this bank combines digital and analogue formant filters to create expressive vocal-like textures, making it ideal for adding a human touch or exploring abstract soundscapes.
  • **BANK D (Harmonics):** Utilizes tube overdrive, filter banks inspired by Buchla and Moog styles, and features both analogue and digital additive oscillators.


These sound banks were meticulously sampled at 96kHz, perfectly aligning with the Osiris BI-FIDELITY WAVETABLE OSC module’s high-quality 96kHz sample rate operation. Users can expect pristine audio clarity, allowing for in-depth sonic exploration.

Each bank features different waveforms on the X-axis and introduces various harmonics on the Y-axis. Users have precise control over harmonic content, with options such as root up, one octave up, one octave plus perfect fifth, two octaves up, two octaves plus major third, two octaves plus perfect fifth, and three octaves up. Some waveforms also change with the harmonic adjustment on the Y-axis, enabling detailed patch sculpting.

Modbap Modular encourages experimentation by utilizing various modulation sources patched to the Osiris BI-FIDELITY WAVETABLE OSC module’s WAVE Y, allowing for dynamic and evolving timbres that respond to playing style. This can include velocity/accent from a sequencer or keyboard, mod wheel, aftertouch, ribbon controller, or even sample & hold triggered on each new note.

Elevate your sound synthesis with Osiris WavPak Volume 3 and explore new sonic horizons with these texture-rich wavetables, expertly crafted by Chris Meyer.

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