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Many can get their hands on the Arturia Keylab 88 and it’s ready for shipping. Keylab 88 has hammer action keys which I think is awesome. If you looking for 88 key hammer action controller, check out Keylab 88. Read more below.

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and equipment firm Arturia is honored to reveal accessibility of KeyLab 88– its top-of-the-range, professional-grade, 88-note hammer-action hybrid MIDI key-board controller that comes complete with Arturia’s acclaimed Analog Lab software program synthesizer solution and even more besides– since February 24 …

Considering that initial turning of heads and alluring ivory-tinkling types when making its appearance at Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, KeyLab 88 is what musicians all over the world have actually been waiting for– from virtuosic efficiency to firmly integrated software program control, its allure is big. Much like its namesake 88-note keyboard.

keylab 88

Many thanks to the top-quality, hammer-action Fatar keybed with aftertouch, professional key-board players will certainly feel comfortable. Clearly, KeyLab 88 is the suitable companion for piano playing– all the more so since the first 3,000 units delivered come full with two superb-sounding virtual synths. First , Grand Piano Model D from fellow French developer UVI supplies the desired sound of the superlative Steinway Model D performance grand piano with all the nice, expressiveness, as well as detail of the actual sounds, many thanks to deep multi-sampling, accuracy, and also advanced scripting. Pianoteq 5 Stage is a emulation that gives electric and acoustic piano recreations as well as chromatic instruments. KeyLab 88 stands for a significant solution for today’s technology-savvy pianists– performance as well as usefulness in excellent consistency, you could possibly say.

A lot better still, KeyLab 88 comes complete with Arturia’s acclaimed Analog Lab, a perfectly powerful software program synthesizer with 6,000-plus presets by internationally-renowned sound designers obtained from Arturia’s prize-winning variety of Analog Classics. These include the Wurlitzer V (basically recharging the popular ‘Wurly’ electrical piano), the TAE (True Analog Emulation) synthesis-powered Mini V (Minimoog monosynth emulation), and far more … making for the excellent pairing: pro hybrid synthesizer. Much like its smaller sized KeyLab siblings, KeyLab 88 provides the immediacy of a hardware synthesizer incorporated with the flexibility of a software-based solution. It is preassigned to function with Analog Lab from the get-go, offering users immediate detailed control over vital sound parameters, such as filter cutoff as well as readjusting envelopes, and so on, thanks to its supportive selection of sliders and knobs, 16 backlit pressure-sensitive pads, plus an useful LED screen.

keylab 88

Arturia has actually pushed the style envelope with well-thought-through extra touches such as an attachable rack expansion to develop a work area to fit a laptop computer and even a lead synth such as Arturia’s small and also bijou MicroBrute monosynth. Furthermore, this extension even has a rubber base to avoid slippage during energized performances! Song readers will appreciate an attachable large music stand that is capable of holding the largest of songbooks yet similarly works well as a tablet stand, both in picture mode for the environmentally-friendly sheet songs application individual or landscape mode for followers of iOS synths, such as Arturia’s own iMini, iSEM, as well as iProphet iPad apps.

In either case, KeyLab 88 ensures its users have everything they require, whatever their music requirements. Much more compared to merely an additional MIDI keyboard controller, the road-ready aluminium as well as wood-constructed KeyLab 88 has actually been developed to take its rightful location at the centre of any kind of stage or studio configuration as the premier control center for the contemporary musician.

Price $999.00

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