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Arturia updated iSEM to work with the Apple’s Audio Unit Extensions for iOS and X EL Capitan (Mac). If you have the latest iOS for your iPad, download iSEM today. Read more below.

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: songs software program as well as equipment designer Arturia is proud to advance its acclaimed iSEM– an authentic-sounding software program of the trailblazing Seventies-vintage Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module ® (SEM) for Apple’s iPad– as one of the very first fully-compatible apps for Apple’s brand new Audio Unit Extensions technology, as of November 19 …

Apple’s Audio Unit Extensions is a brand new innovation in its most current iOS 9 (mobile) and also OS X El Capitan (Mac) running systems that intends to bring the Audio Units (AU) system-level complete plug-in style version that was previously just readily available to third-party programmers like Arturia in OS X to both OS X and iOS! And Arturia is one of the very first third-party designers to readily welcome its innovative musical innovation with the release of the most recent iSEM upgrade. This represents a far more user-friendly encounter compared to the traditional method of interlinking applications utilizing Inter-App Audio or Audiobus, which held true with previous variations of this acclaimed application.

Baseding on iSEM development partner Rolf Wöhrmann, “The primary difference is that you could now run iSEM from within an app like GarageBand for iPad in much the same means as you would certainly work with Arturia plug-ins when running them in a computer host applications– integrating the fantastic synth noises of iSEM right into your GarageBand jobs without leaving the GarageBand application, in short. By utilizing Sound Unit Extensions-compatible applications like iSEM, GarageBand users can prolong its sonic capacities over and also past those of the built-in instruments right into the fantastic world of Arturia. It appears that we are one of the first– if not the very first– to do this. That said, iSEM users could now effortlessly record and multitrack their iSEM-based productions within GarageBand, adding drums, voice, guitar, as well as various other sounds to make even more full musical plans, if they so wish. It’s likewise flawlessly possible to have multiple instances of iSEM running in GarageBand– at the very least 3 or 4 when utilizing latest-generation iPads, which was impossible with the previous ‘standalone’ variation of iSEM.”

Price $9.99 USD

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Audio demos.

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