Illmind the grand sessions

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The Drum Broker just released !llmind Special Edition Blap Kit : The Grand Sessions – Piano Loops. If you are not familiar with !llmind, get from under your rock to recognize. He is one of the best producers to come out in the new millenium. Check out what the Drum Broker has to say below.

“The mighty Grand Piano (or what used to be known as the ‘fortepiano’) is debatably the most universally loved instrument on the planet. Often, I’ll have melodies appear in my head at random moments, depending on my surroundings. Spending 2 weeks in Berlin, Germany recently, I was absolutely inspired with ideas to create specific songs & riffs. Continuing the trend of my previously released ‘808s & String Breaks’, I’m proud to present the !llmind BLAP-KIT Special Edition: ‘The Grand Sessions’! This is a collection of 17 pure & original Grand Piano riffs/loops, all performed, written & composed by me. It contains chord progressions in Major, Minor, Fifths and even Jazz, Pop & Gospel inspired compositions. I’m influenced and inspired by various types of music. This collection showcases royalty-free loops/riffs that can be used to create everything from hardcore street bangers, to big pop records, jazzy textures & anything in-between! With ‘The Grand Sessions’, I hope to inspire your creative imagination to run wild.” -!llmind

  • Over 60 audio files & 17 complete ideas, of authentic !llmind composed & performed Grand Piano Riffs/Loops, in 16-bit/44 WAV format.
  • All 17 Piano riffs were completely composed by !llmind, mic’d, recorded & performed on a real Grand Piano.
  • Piano riffs vary, from dark 73 BPM emotional sets, to 110 BPM pop/jazzy sets & tons more!
  • Piano riffs include BPMs + all layered stems, separated sections for maximum use, easy looping & creative flow! The possibilities are endless.
  • Compatible with most standard DAWs & drum machines that use .WAV formatting.
  • Grand Piano was carefully treated, tuned & mic’d with plenty of “headroom” to deliver the warmest, most crisp sound possible.
  • All audio riffs run through an SSL-Duality, recorded to 2-inch tape and back into Protools.
  • NO compression or saturation/flat “pancake” sounds.
  • Carefully mastered “under-zero”. NO nasty “digital-clipping” & plenty of headroom.
  • ALL SOUNDS are completely royalty-free!
  • ALSO includes BONUS material, unreleased !llmind String Riffs & more.

Click here for !llmind Grand Sessions

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