Heritage Audio GRANDCHILD 670

MADRID, SPAIN: Heritage Audio, a leading European pro audio manufacturer, proudly presents the GRANDCHILD 670, a versatile two-slot 500-Series module based on the acclaimed HERCHILD Model 670 stereo Vari-MU compressor. This modern reinterpretation of an iconic music production tool, renowned for shaping hit records over the decades, is now available as of October 31.

The HERCHILD Model 670, encased in a retro-styled 6U casing, faithfully captures the coveted sound of the revered stereo Vari-MU compressor. Heritage Audio has condensed this engineering excellence into the compact GRANDCHILD 670, a two-slot 500-Series module that preserves the original’s sonic prowess. This compact marvel delivers exceptional audio capabilities.


GRANDCHILD 670 boasts four military-grade NOS 6BA6 tubes (two per channel) and three custom-made transformers at its core. These components ensure that tracks processed through the module receive warmth and punch, adding a unique character to the sound. The module offers five attack and release times through its TIME C. control, enhancing its flexibility compared to the original unit. The progressive DC THR. (threshold) control combines ratio and knee settings, allowing for a seamless transition from hard limiting to transparent, smooth compression. The module also provides continuous variable slope access at all times.

Despite its powerful capabilities, GRANDCHILD 670 occupies only two slots in a 500-Series power rack. This makes it the first-ever stereo Vari-MU compressor available in this format. Whether used in a lunchbox® model from the American pioneers of the 500-Series format or in one of Heritage Audio’s OST- range racks, GRANDCHILD 670 is poised to leave a lasting musical impression.

GRANDCHILD 670 is now available through Heritage Audio’s global network of dealers, listed at https://heritageaudio.com/where-to-buy-international/. It is priced at €1,999.00 EUR (including VAT) in the EU and $1,999.00 USD in the United States. US distribution is handled by RAD Distribution, available at https://raddist.com/en/brands/heritage-audio. Experience the legendary sound of the GRANDCHILD 670 and elevate your audio productions with this versatile tool.

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