Golden Age Pre 73 MKIV

MIDDLETOWN, NY, USA: Golden Age Audio, a prominent studio hardware and microphone manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the release of the Pre-73 MKIV. This remarkable update represents the pinnacle of their acclaimed ’73-style preamp series, capturing the timeless charm of classic British consoles. With its melodiously warm, dynamically punchy, and inherently sweet sonic profile, the Pre-73 MKIV injects rich tones and vibrant hues into favored microphones. It adeptly maintains audio purity while multitasking as a versatile line-level preamp and DI (Direct Inject) unit for electric guitars and basses. The Pre-73 MKIV is now available for purchase starting August 15th.

Golden Age Pre 73 MKIV

A cost-effective, versatile, and sonically captivating British-style mic preamp and DI box, the Golden Age Audio Pre-73 MKIV empowers users to evoke vintage richness and vigor. By cranking up the GAIN knob, users can effortlessly achieve this vintage warmth without concern, as the dedicated OUTPUT control allows for signal attenuation. This enables optimal preamp utilization without overburdening connected audio interface inputs. Additionally, toggling the -14dB OUTPUT PAD extends control over hotter signals, while alternatively, one can uphold sonic clarity by dialing back the GAIN and increasing the OUTPUT. These sonic possibilities are further enriched by the selectable LOW-Z low-pass filter, effectively eliminating unwanted low-frequency rumble from the source. For added brilliance and presence in the high frequencies, users can employ the selectable -3dB/6dB AIR EQ. The LOW-Z resistance switch, which offers 1200Ω or 300Ω options, further facilitates exploration of mic interactions.

Golden Age Audio’s Pre-73 MKIV seamlessly accommodates both condenser and dynamic microphones through its switchable +48V mic input. Its impressive 80 dB of GAIN make it an excellent match for delicate sound sources requiring sensitive ribbon microphones. Flexibility extends to LINE- and instrument-level inputs, enabling connection to a vast range of audio sources. For integrating external processors such as EQs and compressors, the rear panel houses an INSERT jack. The choice between TRS or XLR OUT options is a matter of course.

Golden Age Pre 73 MKIV

Faithful to the legacy of classic preamps, the Pre-73 MKIV showcases meticulous attention to component selection and superior build quality, setting it apart from other preamps within its price range. Eschewing surface-mount components and integrated circuits, the unit features transformer-balanced inputs and outputs with two purpose-optimized transformers. Moreover, its external power supply effectively eradicates self-noise, while the rugged metal half-rack chassis balances portability and durability.

In summary, the Pre-73 MKIV embodies the pursuit of classic console tones and maximizes the potential of any microphone collection, all while maintaining an attractive price point. The Pre-73 MKIV is currently available for shipping, offered at a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of $349.00 USD through RAD Distribution, the exclusive North American distributor for Golden Age Audio products. European customers within the EU (European Union) can acquire it at a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of €374.00 EUR, VAT included. For more information and purchasing options, please visit the Golden Age Audio products page at RAD Distribution

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