Fuse Audio Labs, known for their truly analog-sounding plugins, is thrilled to introduce the VPRE-72 plugin, available as a new free offering inspired by the classic Fifties-vintage V72 tube preamp design. This exciting release is set to launch on November 17.

The V72, an analog milestone dating back to the early Fifties, has firmly established its place in recorded history and continues to be a revered piece of audio equipment. It served as the inspiration for subsequent designs like the V76 and the iconic REDD.47 preamps, which played a crucial role in shaping the distinctive sound of numerous Beatles sessions.

Fuse Audio Labs’ ability to create plugins that authentically capture the analog essence is evident in the VPRE-72. This plugin faithfully emulates the input and output transformers, the dual EF804s pentode circuit with its unique feedback structure, and the heavy output choke that adds a subtle touch of character to the preamp.

Using the VPRE-72 is a straightforward process. The drive control allows users to dial in the desired amount of tube warmth, with the option to push it further for gentle and musical saturation. Gain compensation ensures convenience, while V76-style low- and high-cut filters enable quick tonal adjustments. The integrated grouping feature makes this plugin particularly suitable for multi-channel applications.

According to Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa, “The V72 remains a benchmark in preamp design due to its exceptional engineering and pristine sound characteristics. However, acquiring one today can be a costly endeavor. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. We are thrilled to offer its iconic tube tone to anyone’s DAW absolutely free.”

The VPRE-72 plugin is a free offering without any time or functional limitations. Anyone interested in experiencing its vintage tube preamp sound can create a free account on the Fuse Audio Labs website here to access the download. Elevate your audio production with the timeless warmth of the VPRE-72 plugin, available at no cost.

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