Flip Sample From “The Soulful Stems”

The Soulful Stems

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MSXII came up with a cool idea to let producers flip a sample from their upcoming sample kit “The Soulful Stems“. The whole premise is to flip a sample MSXII provides (link below) and have a chance to win “The Soulful Stems” kit for free. You don’t have much time so get your sampler ready and chop this baby up. All submission must be in by Thursday May 22nd 5pm. You think you have what it takes to win this kit? I know you want a free kit so you can use in your future productions. Don’t waste time and download sample right now. MSXII has a long track record now so you know these guys come with the goods. While you at it take a look at the other kits they have to offer. You can also click my sample kits link on the top and find their kits. I don’t promote wack stuff so you should trust what MSXII got.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Fruity Loops, Logic, MPC Ren, Maschine or whatever. Download sample “Optimus Prime” and get busy. The sample is in MP3 format but you can convert into wav or aiff so you can use it in your sampler. Some samplers can use MP3s but if not, just convert it and you should be good. Read more below.

Flip this sample from MSXII’s upcoming kit, The Soulful Stems, and you might win the entire kit complimentary!

Free download from MSXII Sound Layout project, The Soulful Stems, going down Friday May 23rd. E-mail the track back to [email protected] for your opportunity to obtain a coupon code for The Soulful Stems job … on us! All entries due by Thursday, May 22nd @ 5pm (CST).” Best track will likewise be published on our site/Soundcloud and member networks. Be sure to snatch The Soulful Stems kit on Friday!”

Track Download Link: https://soundcloud.com/msxiisound/optimus-prime-msxii-soulful-stems-flip-this-sample

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