Eurorack Pack From Waldorf Music

Eurorack Pack

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The “Eurorack Pack” from Waldorf Music is being shown off at Winter NAMM 2016 and it looks cool. The Eurorack Pack is a self contained modular system with a keyboard controller. This looks better than any Eurorack system I’ve seen. Read more below.

A cool self contained Eurorack.

REMAGEN, GERMANY: high-quality synth maker Waldorf Music is happy to introduce its so-called ‘Eurorack Pack’– an elegant, state-of-the-art, self-contained modular synth system, comprising the kb37 CONTROLLER KEYBOARD and 3 colorful new components for the ever-present Eurorack style to accompany the already-available nw1 WAVETABLE MODULE released in 2015– at Winter NAMM 2016, January 21-24 in Anaheim, The golden state, USA.

More and more synth fanatics are acknowledging the Eurorack small-sized modular system that is increasingly popularized by an ever-growing band of merry suppliers– both ’boutique’ or otherwise– now many worldwide. Waldorf Music made its grand Eurorack entryway in 2015 when presenting its ingenious nw1 WAVETABLE COMPONENT– supplying the venerated wavetable set from Microwave as well as individual wavetable creation, Wave synthesizers, speech synthesis, and also far more besides– to extensive critical acclaim. And having done that, what would certainly you do following that?

Currently gathering Eurorack modules is an ‘obsession’– albeit one filled up with much music celebration, where critical artists can creatively personalize their modular synth configuration as and also when the demand (as well as money) develops– albeit without investing a massive amount of money all at when, why not elevate an entire family members of stylish, cutting edge Eurorack components? Introduce yourself to the all-new Waldorf Music participants …

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3 different modulations in one module make the mod1 MODULATOR MODULE the control center of any ‘Any kind of Eurorack Pack’.

The dvca1 DUAL VCA COMPONENT is built around two VCAs with a large variety of alternatives, consisting of the most vital one of all: a capability to musically color the signal. Favorable Gain control makes the dvca1 DUAL VCA MODULE a true ‘amplifier’ as well as versatile Linked methods make modulated panning completely possible.

The cmp1 COMPRESSOR COMPONENT is a real high-end analog compressor that not just adds punch to the signal, yet could additionally be modulated in unusual as well as interesting ways! Side-chaining with a modifiable Balance control launches a big collection of modular opportunities.

Stating that, the developers went one stage even more with the kb37 CONTROLLER KEY-BOARD, easily suiting (and giving power for) all four of those Waldorf Music components. It can helpfully house up to 100 HP of Eurorack components in its conveniently-angled panel sitting atop a 37-note, full-sized Fatar TP9 keyboard, including a super-high-quality key-bed that transmits speed and also aftertouch.

The ‘Eurorack Pack’ will be being showcased in Waldorf Music’s booth (# 6009) in Hall A at Winter NAMM 2016, January 21-24 in Anaheim, The golden state.

Find out more here.

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