The Essential 808

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Today it seems 808 samples are the rage so check out “The Essential 808” kit from sound designer Erik Jackson. You need 808 drums if you want to create Trap or Chicago Drill beats so give “The Essential 808” kit a try. 808 drums have been a mainstay in hip hop music since the release of Roland TR-808 drum-machine back in the early 80’s and hasn’t went away. Download this kit today and get those classic sounds in your sampler. Read more below.

Neglect all various other 808 Drum Kits! The Drum Broker coordinated with sound designer Erik Jackson to present a necessary 808 Drum Package designed and created from the pavement up. Erik diligently tested his Roland TR-808 via a Avalon 737sp, tweaking and recording every specification on the timeless Roland Drum Machine/Synthesizer. Paying mindful focus not to change the original sound and analog taste of the TR-808, Erik guaranteed that he really did not slam the compressor hard during the re-sampling procedure. Erik developed a kit that features tuned hats, snares, and kicks. Each sample is labeled exactly what note and trick they are.


We took a difficult mission to check out other 808 packages on the marketplace and could ensure this is the most effective and costs a fraction of the cost of the competitors!

Price $24.99 USD

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