Elektron Reveals Reshaped Harmonics

Reshaped Harmonics

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Elektron released a new sample pack for Analog Rytm called Reshaped Harmonics. If you own the Analog Rytm, you will excited about Reshaped Harmonics. Read more below.

Swedish music tool makers Elektron has merely launched the Reshaped Harmonics Sound Pack for the sample supported, analog, drum equipment Analog Rytm.

Visualize a brand-new movement: ruthless crypt clubbing. Twisted voices howling in the range, metal bass lines tearing with the air, a general feeling of doom. Audio designer Nicholas Lem would certainly then for life be referred to as the main daddy of the sound movement. The Reshaped Harmonics Sound pack would be considered the start. The remainder would certainly be history.

Price $15

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