Elektron Grammofon 12″ vinyl by Neil Landstrumm

Elektron Grammofon Neil Landstrumm

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Elektron Grammofon has a new release from Neil Landstrumm using nothing but Elektron instruments. If you have any Elektron instruments, you should make some music and see if Elektron Grammofon will give you a shot. Read more below.

Prepare for some real wonkiness, thanks to Neil Landstrumm. This is techno simply for those well-founded psyches who lack that aspect of the mad, the off-kilter as well as the weird– on the dance floor and in their very own psychological constitution. Stay well clear of this cut if you’re even a little in question of your sanity.

The fact that he’s been making use of Elektron instruments possibly suggests it’s a lot more vital to have that crazy man jacket ready. Even that won’t quit you from dance, though.

Neil has been making rickety techno given that antiquity, heck, he’s the progenitor of the style, however what you possibly really did not understand is that he’s likewise been doing graphics for Superstar Games, the software program residence that brought you Grand Theft Auto . He’s been a proficient Elektron user from the very start, from the high and also far off times of the Sidstation.

Buy here.

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