Elektron Analog Rytm Is Shipping Now!

Elektron Analog Rytm

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If you have been patiently waiting for Elektron to finally ship Analog Rytm, you’re wait is over! You can purchase Analog Rytm directly from Elektron today. The Analog Rytm is not cheap but its worth it if you looking for a true Analog Drum Machine to make your next hit. Read more Below.

Elektron, the Swedish supplier of professional hardware devices, has simply begun delivering their most current production, the Analog Rytm. This 8 voice analog drum device with sample feature can be purchased either straight from Elektron or from a large web of merchants.

A strongly reliable drum machine

The 8 analog drum voices make usage of many specialized analog circuit designs, each of them fine-tuned for creating an unique analog drum tones. The excellent entirety of analog drum instances surpasses peoples imagination.

Beats with character

Bunches of gadgets are readily available for shaping the atmosphere of the beats. Impact every voice with its own analog multimode filter and analog overdrive circuit. To feature shimmer and lighten to the tempos, the delay and reverb send FX will certainly be vital. And before the beats hit the PA, the analog compressor and analog distortion of the master channel will guarantee the right pump and grit.

Made for playability

The twelve back-lit, delicate and speed drum pads give beat smiths a unintended and fast method of making tempos. The mix of drum pads and step sequencing deals both instant results and the opportunity of detailed editing.

Analog Rytm Specs:

  • 8 drum voices, each with: Specialized analog percussion noise generator.
  • Sample playback (16-bit/48Khz/mono). Analog multi-mode filter. Analog distortion.
  • 12 pressure delicate pads
  • Analog stereo master compressor &.distortion
  • Reverb & Delay send out FX
  • Optimal Elektron action sequencer.
  • Chromatic, Performance, and Scene method
  • Real-time driven beat control
  • Individual voice outputs
  • +Drive storage space for jobs, samples, tunes and sounds.

The Analog Rytm list price is 1549 USD / 1489 EUR / 1249 GBP

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Find out more here.

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