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Eiosis announced their new EQ called AirEQ. If you looking for a cool EQ that will help you tighting up frequencies, give AirEQ a try. Read more below.

AirEQ, Beyond Analog

AirEQ was created with a vision of attaining musical, sonic perfection and also technical quality.

Easy, intuitive and fast to make use of, AirEQ consistently sounds terrific. The Water and also Fire curves as well as the Strength and Character specifications were readjusted off the cuff, so mixing engineers can concentrate on one thing – making songs sound wonderful.

A brand-new dimension to equalization

AirEQ’s revolutionary Character criterion goes Beyond Analog: in order to change precisely as well as constantly the resonance of each band, it transforms the size of the equalization contour, from the smooth Water contour to the focused Fire contour. It is one of the most elegant and creative way to manage resonances rapidly and intuitively.


Change your vibrations constantly

Water: the best sound feasible, open and also natural, ideal for transparency. Clear highs, compact bass as well as well balanced mids. Fire: extremely tight and also concentrated sound, punch strike and also effect, ideal for preciseness. Snappy mids, sharp highs and powerful lows.

Neutral: the normal equalization curves, flawlessly matched to their analog references.


Air as well as Earth

The Air and Earth are a new and very easy way to change low and high frequencies. The Earth is impressive to increase the really low end of any track, since it never appears boomy many thanks to the one-of-a-kind design of its stage response. The Air is a incredibly smooth and also silky high frequency change, perfect for taking a breath life into any kind of track.

Fast, instinctive, basic, but powerful, musical and also beautiful.

AirEQ has been designed to fasten the process of mixing engineers, so they can reach swiftly, and with ease, the sound they have in their thoughts. The music Q/Gain change, along the Toughness habits, made use of with the ultra-musical analyzer, is the best combo of analysis, listening and also instinct.

Hide the analyzer for an “ears-only mode”, right-click on band switches over for advanced alternatives, shift-click on the Q for per-band Personality, re-label bands to make your very own presets, appoint each band to Left or Right, Mid or Side, course bands by frequency order.

Equalizing has never been that fast, sophisticated and easy.

Price $149

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