Dynamedion / Sonuscore Magic Spring Donation Sale for WHO and SAVE THE CHILDREN


Following last year’s large Victory, Dynamedion, Europe’s biggest game sound manufacturing firm, along with their label Sonuscore, programmer of high quality software instruments, are offering their composer clients and internet communities a Donation Sale to raise cash for global Coronavirus funds.

Magic Spring Donation Sale to Fight Coronavirus and Service Artists

The Donation Flash Sale in 2020 has been an inspiring success with Dynamedion/Sonuscore and its own global artist collective contributed $16,110.70 of their gains to WHO and CARITAS International.

“While it appears that the problem has become rapidly getting better from the wealthier states, there are lots of locations in the world where folks are still fighting,”

Managing Director Pierre Langer states. That is why today they expect to top that using the Magic Spring Donation Sale. For 10 days beginning on 03.18.2021, Sonuscore is offering a package of five software products for $9.90 rather than $217, which translates into a 95% reduction. The deal comprises their new ha•pi — Concert Harp virtual instrument. Just like the past year, the selling is initiated for 1 to encourage artists now fighting with cancelled contracts and on the other to raise money for a fantastic cause.

The Donations will be sent to areas which are currently being hit especially hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. The organizations which they will encourage are:

World Health Organization

Save The Children

Magic Spring Donation https://sonuscore.com/magic-spring-donation-special/

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