D-SYNC MIDI to DIN Sync converter


If you have old synths that are pre midi, you might want to check D-SYNC bi-directional MIDI to DIN Sync converter. The D-SYNC is a good box to have around so you can get your old synths hooked up to modern synths or DAWs. Read more below.

LONDON, UK: MIDI device specialist Kenton is happy to reveal availability of the D-SYNC bi-directional MIDI to DIN Sync converter– an appropriately-named new enhancement to its growing family of compact and strong MIDI utility boxes that cleverly converts MIDI Clock to DIN Sync (sync24) as well as DIN Sync to MIDI Clock signals– as of August 27 …

Appreciating the intrinsic value of this unassuming, simple useful small utility box– as priced beautifully it is– entails of recognition of any musical instrument Sync; so, for the benefit of the uninitiated, check out more below.

In the past Californian electronic musical famous designer Dave Smith famed for being behind the trailblazing Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, the world’s first fully-programmable polyphonic synth– acted as the primary driving force behind MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). Today those classic standards can ‘chat’ to the MIDI world with the finest of them, many thanks to the D-SYNC bi-directional MIDI to DIN Sync converter! Central to the D-SYNC bi-directional MIDI to DIN Sync converter’s namesake MIDI to DIN Sync-converting ‘dialogue’ is a capacity to obtain MIDI Clock and run/stop signals as well as transform them to DIN Sync (sync24)– and also back again.

So, for the benefit of the uninitiated, the DIN Sync criterion is so called as it utilizes five-pin DIN ports. The clock signal is a reduced regularity rhythm wave ‘suggesting’ the beat; that way, the DIN Sync signal-receiving device just has to count the number of pulses to recognize when to increment its position in the songs sequence, rather compared to having to determine the waveform’s frequency.

Flawlessly furnished to ‘equate’, after that, the D-SYNC bi-directional MIDI to DIN Sync converter easily packs MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, SYNC IN, and SYNC OUT five-pin RACKET outlets right into a road-ready steel box beautifully completed in brushed aluminum lightweight with black display print gauging simply 110mm (W) x 55mm (D) x 35mm (H) and also evaluating in at a pocket-friendly 250g (consisting of the multi-region power supply). Merely link the MIDI output of any key-board(s) and/or computer system to MIDI IN as well as hook up the SYNC Out the DIN Sync input of the gadget to be managed for full MIDI to DIN Sync conversion. Alternatively, connect the DIN Sync output of any sort of Roland RACKET Sync-equipped tool to SYNC IN and connect MIDI OUT to the MIDI input of any suitably-equipped gadget to be regulated for complete DIN Sync to MIDI conversion. Converting in both directions at the same time is flawlessly feasible.

Price £58.20 GBP

Buy here.



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