CV/Gate Tuning System By Vince Clarke

Vince Clarke Auto Tune

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Vince Clarke has some cool Eurorack modules available to help tune up your old and new analog synths. Analogue Solutions is in partnership with Clarke to construct the Auto Tune modules. Don’t mix this up with the software called Auto Tune for vocals. Read more below.

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: synth-pop god Vince Clarke is proud to announce that he will be releasing a collection of utilitarian and also innovative modules for the ever-present Eurorack small-format modular system under the name Clarke business name, developed as well as constructed to exacting standards in close partnership with British analog synth and device designer/manufacturer Analogue Solutions, starting with Auto Tune– a self-contained, extensible Eurorack-compatible MIDI-to-CV converter/calibration system providing a straightforward remedy to the issues of tuning and also scaling both classic analog synths as well as contemporary Eurorack VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) components– since March 18 …


So why concurrently sidestep into this innovative and practical synth module manufacturing adventure alongside superlative synth-pop songs compositional creativity? No ones better qualified to resolve this than Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriter himself … barely shocking, actually, given that Vince Clarke can, obviously, conveniently discover his way around a remarkable variety of synths, as well, as attested to by the well-earned songwriting success-funded collection of analogue standards presently staying at his NYC studio, fairly just recently moved from a custom-built log cabin in rural Maine to inner-city Brooklyn. However this is no millionaire’s museum piece, but rather a distinct individual workspace, where every breathtaking analog tool consisted of in his sizeable collection of vintage and also modern-day synthesisers pleasantly housed within consistently earns its continued selection of music projects, be they synth-pop based or otherwise.

To sum it up, then, the Auto Tune system consists of a VCM20 master module, component can control up regulate 16 VCS20 slave module components of which provides one CV (Controlled Voltage) and Gate as well.


The VCM20 master module has an LED, an increment button to choose the MIDI channel, and also MIDI IN and also MIDI THRU sockets; the VCS20 slave module has 4 3.5 mm jack outputs for communicating with the outside+ analog synth world, which is where the tuning action actually starts: CV1 connects to the synthesiser’s pitch control voltage as well as can be set to either V/oct (Volts each octave) or Hz/V (Hertz per Volt); CV2 is mapped to keyboard speed– generally to control a VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) or VCA; the 11 Volt Gate output can be hooked to either V-Trig or S-Trig, its use being shown by the Gate LED; the VCO input connects to the synths waveform or sound input and also permits the VCS20 slave module to review audio frequencies during the calibration procedure– a square, sine, or sawtooth waveform without modulation is recommended for doing this. The oscillator output can either be divided or an extra waveform hooked up in the case of modular system arrangements while with typical hardwired analog synths it’s a situation of splitting the audio output or, in many cases, using the earphone output. In any case, the synth needs to be set to result a single oscillator without filter or modulation with the VCA envelope set to absolutely 0 attack, 0 decay, full sustain, as well as 0 release. For the most accurate calibration of the control voltage the synths oscillator variety need to be set to 8′ or its initial oscillator frequency established midway.

To wrap things up, Vince Clarke’s canny vision of an all-in-one MIDI-to-CV convertor with auto-calibration has actually absolutely become fact with the Clarke Auto Tune system given that it is feasible to set the specific MIDI channel for every VCS20 slave module as well as view which MIDI channel a slave module is set to at any time by merely pushing its Show button.

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