Tracktion Waveform 9

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Tracktion updated their flagship DAW Waveform 9 and its available right now! You can create music without breaking the bank. Read more below.

SEATTLE, WA (Mar 7, 2018)– Tracktion Corporation is proud to announce the Ninth Generation of their award winning DAW, Waveform. This powerful, easy to use as well as inexpensive platform has been made to allow artists, musicians as well as producers to find and discover their very own one-of-a-kind sound. Within this major release is a compelling range of new features, add-ons and also added content to enhance workflow as well as motivate the creative process.

Among the amazing variety of new functions, Waveform now supplies an unprecedented collection of exclusive 24 track drum loop construction kits, recorded using the finest gear readily available. Individuals can incorporate this with the brand-new Multi Sampler ‘one button’ import/ slice tool to dissect the beats as well as re-arrange them to produce unorthodox and different concepts. Used together, these potent brand-new tools provide users the environment to manifest the very significance of their music, letting them stick out from the masses.

Waveform 9’s a fully featured Multi Sampler Instrument, with cutting edge workflow enhancements, makes it simpler and much faster for users to develop, create as well as produce music without the need for pre-sets. Used along with the multi-screen sets up of the new Modular Mixing Tool, this gives individuals the ability to personalize the user interface offering much more control and power compared to its predecessors.

Waveform Basic $109 USD

Buy here.

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