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If you trying to take your DJ set to another level, check out XG Multi Touch Glass. The device is expensive but if you’re a gigging DJ, this could set the night off. Read more below.

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES: physical equipment touch technology and sophisticated software program professional Touch Innovations is proud to introduce availability of XG– a sensational see-through, all-glass style showing its most elegant touch screen system yet– since January 3 …

Wowing anywhere with a bezel-free layout, an all-glass body, as well as a 39-inch transparent touch screen supporting 10 touch points, XG is unlike anything anybody has ever before seen (or touched), really exhibiting that special ‘XG’ Style ! For this distinct combination of feature and finesse makes it a best fit for thrilling customers and audiences alike in nearly any kind of scenario, performance-based or otherwise– on stage, including premium clubs’ DJ cubicles, as well as elsewhere, from hotel entrance halls to shopping center booths and galleries to display rooms, with much in-between, such as pc gaming events as well as highendrestaurants. Realigning efficiency and infotainment control opportunities are nearly unlimited.

Entertainment-ready, the Windows-compatible XG is readily available as 2 distinct versions– XG PRO (with an onboard high-power PC with 500 GB storage for very easy setup and also preferred software program use) or XG LITE (without an onboard COMPUTER). Enabling the most glamorous display, all elements are easily sited inside the base device, preventing undesirable cable mess. The forecasted 39-inch display is brighter than any other touch screen system, raising both aesthetic good looks in addition to readability. Little wonder, then, that it is guaranteed to regulate focus in almost any setting.

XG Pro $6,895.00 USD ($180.00 USD/month)
XG Lite $5,999.00 USD ($165.00 USD/month)

Buy here.

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