Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine plug-in

Analog saturation circuits emulation developer Nembrini Audio is excited to reveal Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine sending chills down DAWs by merging pitch shifting, reverb, and feedback to create astonishing soundscapes and spaces as a plug-in. Also, by furthering creative production and electronic music angles of the ambient spectrum now in app form by conjuring intensely from inventive procedures developed by early-Eighties studio engineers.

Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine

Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine lives up to its name — and all without breaking the pocketbook of anyone hoping to dive into the electronic music and creative production angles of the ambient spectrum!

Plugin Price $29.00 USD until May 3, 2021 — rising to $79.00 USD

App Price $4.99 USD until May 3, 2021 — rising to $8.99 USD

Buy plugin here.

Buy iOS app here.

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