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MasteringBOX 2.0 is an upgrade to their automatic mastering service to help music producers to get professional sounding masters with ease. If you lack mastering skills then you should give this platform a shot. Read more below.

VALENCIA, SPAIN: MasteringBOX is happy to announce accessibility of MasteringBOX 2.0– enhancing its namesake application with a smooth and easier to utilize mastering experience, enabling simultaneous uploading, modifying, and also mastering audio with many brand-new attributes for making mastering also much easier– as of May 22 …

MasteringBOX 2.0 is a online mastering service armed with smart artificial intelligence that can cleverly find the vibrant as well as spectral features of the audio being mastered and use ideal changes, permitting amateur producers and independent artists alike to master their tracks to a more refined result than they may manually attain otherwise. Commonly misunderstood, mastering is often considered as a dark art, nevertheless– hard to comprehend, with an infamously steep learning curve.

Clearly catering to those with lack of skill– or, possibly, because of monetary reasons or pressed for time, the cutting-edge MasteringBOX mastering site ( was released in May 2015 to widespread praise. By building on that success, the upgraded MasteringBOX 2.0 online application itself presents a brand-new mastering atmosphere in addition to an entire new set of functions as well as upgrades.

Eventually, MasteringBOX has favorably made a brand-new user-friendly workspace where producers can promptly access all the brand-new functions that MasteringBOX 2.0 has on deck from within a one-page application. Thus, simultaneous uploading, modifying, mastering, and downloading or even ordering are all uncomplicated, saving time making mastering a lot more efficient process than ever.

Better still, producers can currently conveniently modify their masters, indicating new variations are only a click away– no one should repetitively submit the track to be ‘remastered’ if those editing and enhancing choices are not to taste after the resultant master is downloaded.
The necessary mastering engine powering MasteringBOX 2.0 has actually also been upgraded, supplying improved cpus together with 32-bit floating-point process, which dramatically boosts the quality of the result. On top of that, the new HD WAV (24BIT/48KHZ) format– a market standard for video clip and also HD (Hd) publishing– has actually now been added together with the CD TOP QUALITY WAV (16BIT/44.1 KHZ), WEB OPTIMIZED (MP3 320KBPS), as well as MOBILE OPTIMIZED (M4A 128KBPS) styles that were already offered in MasteringBOX.

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