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Expert Sleeper new module General CV is making its mark in the synth world so you definitely want to take notice. This looks interesting if you’re into Eurorack modules. Read more below.

LETCHWORTH, UK: adhering to an effective display at SUPERBOOTH 17 in Berlin back in April, Eurorack module- manufacturer and also audio plug-in programmer Expert Sleepers is proud to introduce General CV– combining a powerful General MIDI synthesizer with a multichannel CV-to-MIDI converter alongside a host cpu with the ability of producing substantial quantities of MIDI information, either from the inbound CVs or completely algorithmically … and all housed in an elegant Eurorack Module.

By bringing the Nineties back to the Sixties, General CV’s software program supplies a layer of control over the synthesizer that allows daring users to create sounds extending much beyond the acquainted– tacky, tones of General MIDI which they might already know. From making the synth act like a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) to producing intricate chords and textures– also to abusing drum sounds right into pitched sources, General CV brings rich pickings of fresh flavors to Euroack’s à la carte modular menu.

Price 349.00 USD

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