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MiniFilter V

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Who can pass up on a free gift especially since Arturia is giving away an emulation of Moog’s Ladder Filter called “MiniFilter V“? Do what I did, download it NOW! Read more below.

The filter is based upon the famous monosynth developed by Dr Bob Moog in the 1970s, and also has been fastidiously duplicated to be as faithful and precise to the original as possible. Arturia worked very closely with Bob Moog back in 2004 to recreate this ageless ladder filter, as well as their team of enthusiastic, experienced engineers have been utilizing the most recent developments to improve it in the years since.

Incorporation their unique TAE ® technology, Arturia developers have been able to reproduce the behaviors as well as refined subtleties of analog components, this technology is what brings the extraordinary 24 dB/octave filter emulation to life, permitting it to breathe, shriek, as well as whistle like the original.

To receive your complimentary MiniFilter V, go to

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