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NUGEN announced their new limiter called ISL 21st which was shown off at AES NYC in October. If you’re looking for a limiter that will help you put out quality productions, check out ISL 21st now! Read more below.

LEEDS, UK: innovative, user-friendly professional audio tools maker for music producers, post-production engineers, as well as broadcasters NUGEN Audio is proud to reveal a dither upgrade for ISL 2st– its intelligent look-ahead brick-wall limiter that gives highly-transparent true-peak limiting for all stereo and also mono web content– along with a preview of a 3rd dimensional Extension update permitting 2nd as well as third order Ambisonic output for Halo Upmix– for shaping surround mixes to excellence– at AES New York City 2017, October 18-20, Jacob J. Javits Convention Center, UNITED STATES …

As a stereo-only version of NUGEN Audio’s acclaimed ISL 2– a transparent look-ahead limiter created to enable users to get on with imaginative audio production while it looks after true-peak conformity, ISL 2st enables content production completely compatible with volume normalization standards made use of by iTunes Radio and Spotify– outstanding sound with total self-confidence regarding satisfying the new standards for online distribution, to put it simply. The danger of distortion from downstream codec conversion (mp3, AAC, etc) is successfully eliminated with ISL 2st on the master bus, so no need to second-guess sample-peak limiting time after time, or deliberately boost headroom to avoid a downstream trouble. Simply dail in the true-peak limit and allow ISL 2st care for the rest!

Price $149.00 USD

Buy here.

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