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Looking for a new 500 series compressor? Check out the new mpressor 500 compressor from elysia. You could add this to your lunch box and go to work. Read more below.

NETTETAL, GERMANY: professional studio processor manufacturer elysia is proud to show off the mpressor 500– the extending lineup of its 500 Series equipment by bringing the heritage of its tremendously effective rack-mount mpressor creative compressor to the front on the stylish 500 collection standard– since October 10 …

mpressor 500

Like its older sibling, the mpressor 500 incorporates serious impact with a complete as well as comprehensive class-A sound. Its incredible tone and versatility make it the best selection for recording and mixing, while its noticeably special functions take it far beyond the boundaries of what traditional compressors can do.

Intense time constants, negative ratios, Anti Log release, and elysia’s ingenious gain reduction limiter provide an entire spectrum of special dynamic shaping choices. A brand-new attribute of this 500 Series compressor is its switchable THD Boost, enabling on-the-fly signal color and saturation FX capable of supplying a various, thicker flavor.

Price $749.00

Find out more here.

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