Cardiak Flatline DrumKit Vol 2

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Cardiak just released Flatline DrumKit Vol. 2 thru the Drum Broker for producers that need Kick and Snares that knock. If you copped the last kit, don’t waist anytime, download this one right now. Cardiak has worked with the best in the game so treat yourself to sonic excellence. Don’t be on the fence. Grab these so when people hear your beats they will want to buy them right away. Never get turn down from getting your beats placed with this kit. What are you waiting for? Read more below.

The Drum Broker has associated with one of the industry’s most prolific producers, Cardiak Flatline (Eminem, Havoc, FIFTY Cent, Wale, Yung Jeezy, Rick Ross, Freeway, Joe Budden, & A lot more) to bring you Cardiak’s Unique and 2nd volume from his Flatline Drumkit Series.

Package Description:

Without time to squander Cardiak is back with his 2nd installment of The Flatline Kits. Volume 2 is stuffed with aggressive kicks and a ton of sharp snares that Cardiak is well-known for. Directly from the source of HeartFelt Productions, Cardi provides you with hats and percussion from his individual collection. Spruce up your production with initial hi-hats and drum loops from several of Cardiaks hit records. Sound after sound of the crispiest drums in the market, this kit is sure to place your tracks on another level. If Vol.1 was fantastic then there is definitely no reason not to look at the Flatline Kits Vol. 2 for new knocking noises. # HFM.

Kit features ALL Custom Drums From Cardiak including:

Price $24.99

Grab drumkit here.

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