So you bought the latest greatest synthesizer, a computer loaded with plugins, audio sound interface, mics and monitors. All those things are great but one thing many fail to think about are cables. For many years I spent tons of money on the latest gear but still had a hard time getting my music to sound pro. Now some may skip the cable bit all together because of USB mics and plugins. This article is for those who have hardware gear and want it recorded properly.
When I first bought my MPC 2000Xl, I grab the cheapest cables I could get my hands on. My first was the cheap tier Hosa cables. I’m not saying Hosa is bad because they do sell premium cables which are quite good. For years I would record and release my music and always compared what I did to mainstream releases. While browsing in Guitar Center I notice a wall of cables. I looked closely at the prices and my jaw dropped. Everything of good quality was exceeding $30 for one 6 ft cable. I bit the bullet and bought one to see if I could hear the difference.
After testing for an hour I discovered my sound through the new cable had better quality. I decided to buy more premium cables for my monitors and other instruments. Once that was taken cared of I promised to never buy cheap cables again. Its funny how I didn’t keep my promise because I needed more cables and the price escalation was growing beyond my budget.
I thought my cable quest was over until my coworker mentioned MonoPrice. I said I never heard of em. He told me they make professional audio cables for a real cheap price. At first I didn’t believed him until I went to their site. He was right. The prices were significantly cheaper but still seemed hard to believe. I just went ahead and bought a few. Once the package arrived, I was awe struck of how well made they were. After that, I started using them and I could not hear the difference compared to my Mogami and Monster premium cables. So hopefully I helped you on finding the perfect cable. I would tell you to avoid cheaper cables but obviously Monoprice changed my view. My view is just buy quality. You won’t regret it and your ears will be happy. PS. When I was at NAMM 2013, the Monoprice guys told me Mogami get their cables made by the same plant that makes theirs.

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