Brand New FabFilter Pro-C 2


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FabFilter Pro has updated their FabFilter Pro-C comprossor with the Fabfilter Pro-C 2. I’m a big fan of FabFilter Pro plug-ins and I’m sure this new FabFilter Pro-C 2 will pack a punch. Read more below.

FabFilterFabFilter launches FabFilter Pro-C 2 compressor plug-in

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, August 26, 2015. FabFilter is honored to announce accessibility of FabFilter Pro-C 2, a major upgrade to the FabFilter Pro-C compressor plug-in. 5 brand-new compression designs make FabFilter Pro-C 2 also less complicated to set up as well as a lot more effective in common situations such as mastering or EDM pumping and vocal processing. It resembles getting five brand-new compressors! Together with an abundance of brand-new features, such as range, hold, lookahead, side-chain EQ, oversampling, as well as a completely redesigned userl interface, FabFilter Pro-C 2 exceeds its precursor in every means while appreciating the original’s openness and style.

Compress with style

FabFilter Pro-C 2 comes with five new, carefully designed compressor algorithms, each with a unique character and feel. The Punch delivers analog-like compression behavior, which sounds good on just about anything, while the Pumping algorithm offers deep and over-the-top pumping– great for EDM or drum processing.

All you need

A huge set of new features offers more control over the character and compressor’s sound. And finally, advanced side-chain Equalization and M/S processing is easier than ever thanks to FabFilter Pro-C 2’s dedicated side-chain section.

Revamped interface

The well laid-out Retina interface offers enlightening metering with real-time screens that will significantly boost workflow. The huge animated level/knee screen imagines specifically when, why and just how compression is used to inbound audio. Accurate level meters reveal the precise top and also loudness values, and the circular side-chain input meter turns searching for the excellent threshold setting into a trivial task. FabFilter Pro-C 2 provides excellent sound quality and an extensive feature set in a polished, time-saving user interface.

Price $179 USD

Buy here:

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