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Spitfire Audio has revealed a new library for KONTAKT 4 and 5 called BML TRUMPET CORPS – VOL #1. Spitfire Audio is known for they’re great sampled instruments and BML TRUMPET CORPS – VOL #1 should be no different. If you’re looking for great sounding trumpets, check out this library. Read more below.

SPITFIRE_LOGO_White on BlackLONDON, UK: compositional developer Spitfire Audio is happy to reveal availability of BML TRUMPET CORPS – VOL # 1– including trumpets to the utmost in-depth brass collection as part of its BML (British Modular Collection), a longterm job to make the greatest-sounding and ultimately future-proofed living instrumental online instruments collection on the planet, offering authors with an ability to bring great sounds, musical expression, beauty, and focus to their work– as of July 11 …

Complying with in the trailblazing footsteps of BML BONES – VOL # 1, with necessary articulations for trombone, BML TRUMPET CORPS – VOL # 1 represents the eleventh instalment in Spitfire Audio’s ongoing BML series of virtual instruments for Mac (OS X 10.6 or greater) and PC (Windows 7), and, as implied by name, turns the critically-acclaimed compositional tools creator’s focus on important articulations for trumpet. As the most recent jewel in the BML crown, this first quantity attributes 3 of the finest gamers in London executing with magical musical zest and remarkable character making use of the finest tools– one videotaped solo and 2 together (a2), seated exactly incorporating the resultant a2 spots with the solo ones makes for a somewhat bigger area while keeping spacial integrity– using the exceptional acoustics at Lyndhurst Hall– extremely considered among the greatest rating phases in the world– within London’s legendary Air Studios by acclaimed producer/engineer extraordinaire Jake Jackson.

Considering that Spitfire Audio consistently intends to replicate the states of top flick tape-recording sessions and strategy sampling as if tape-recording a movie credit score one note each time, in keeping with its BML brethren, the impressive recording chain that ultimately caused the equally ear-opening BML TRUMPET CORPS – VOL # 1 began with a number of microphone placements (mixable by the customer within the final product itself), consisting of a common selection of Close mics (making use of an option of valve mics put for optimum emphasis near to the tools themselves); Plant (of the Decca Plant setup of three mics put over the conductor’s platform); Ambient (using a set of condenser mics placed high up in the gallery to give stereo spread and catch the area sound); and Outriggers (utilizing a set of vintage mics put vast apart to the left and right of the Decca Tree setup to capture a comparable balance of area and tools– someplace between the sound of the Decca Plant arrangement and ambient mics), plus an extended selection of STereo mics (absolutely various mics in a completely different placement to the Decca Plant plan to offer a much more direct and instant sound); Gallery mics (positioned means up in the gallery to catch a real depiction of Air Studios’ incredible feel); and CR (close ribbon mics put beside the basic close mics to bring a warm and spherical tone to the musical procedures).

Price £249.00 GBP

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