Black lion audio Apollo 16 mod

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Black Lion Audio have begun modifying the UA Apollo 16 for $995. Now you can improve the sound of your Apollo 16 and make it sound real pro. I had my Fireface 800 modified by Black Lion Audio and the improvement was significant. Some say Black Lion Audio are snake oil salesmen but that is far from the truth. Their mods do work.

The Apollo Premium Modifications are the newest additions to the BLA family! The modifications include the following:

Analog Stage Upgrade

New, high performance op-amps on EVERY analog input and output (mic preamps, line inputs, Hi-Z inputs, headphone outputs, monitor outputs, and line outputs)
New, high-grade signal path capacitors on EVERY analog input and output -> Apollo 8 only (mic preamps, line inputs, Hi-Z inputs, headphone outputs, monitor outputs, and line outputs)
Improving the performance of these circuits makes a drastic difference for tracking, mixing, and mastering (expect amazing micro-dynamics and space)!

Converter Decoupling

Proprietary decoupling on all A/D and D/A converters using methods found in our Signature, FM, and XB modifications
This reduces noise generated during the conversion process, leaving you with crisp, clear audio!
Experience how smooth, open, and detailed the Apollo Premium Modifications sound today!


We require a 50% down payment of the modification price in order to secure your spot on the calendar. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email with your scheduled date.

For customers requesting a PayPal invoice, payments must be made within three business days of the invoice being sent.

Our turn around time on modifications is typically 7-10 business days from the scheduled date (this does not include any unforeseen issues, the time it takes for final billing, or return shipping). We will contact you with a final invoice when your modification is complete. Once the final payment is made, you will receive a tracking number via e-mail, and your unit will be shipped back to you.

If you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, there is a cancellation fee of 30% of the down payment. In the event you do cancel your appointment, please allow 3-4 weeks for your partial-refund to be processed. No payments will be refunded for cancellations made within two weeks of the scheduled modification date.

If you wish to simply reschedule, we require a two-week notice, and there is only a $25 rescheduling fee.

In addition to our website, modifications can also be booked by calling us at 773-549-1885, or by emailing us on our Contact Page.

NOTE: We request that you ship your unit to arrive two (2) business days before your scheduled date. We also advise carefully packing your equipment. UPS recommends that there be at least 2″ – 4″ of packing foam/peanuts surrounding the unit. We WILL NOT ship a poorly packaged unit back to you, as it creates an unnecessary risk of equipment damage. Therefore, please pack thoroughly to avoid any additional charges for BLA-supplied packaging materials.

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