Black Lion Audio discontinued their PM8 for the New PM8 MK2. There is a noise floor change and a few new components in signal path. New monitoring and more. So far there is little information on it but Black Lion Audio told me they will be updating their site soon with more info and pics. They also said they still Mod the old SM Pros so its possible to get your old SM Pro updated to the PM8 MK2. With Matt Newport gone these guys are still keeping the spirit alive. I see there prices are going up a little bit but I guess this is what happens once you become a success. Here is what they have to say.

We are excited to announce that the new BLA PM8 mkII begins shipping on Monday 3/18!!! They will be available directly from us or through one of our retailers for $1199 + shipping. Give us a call at 773.549.1885 or email is at Email BLACK LION AUDIO if you have any questions.

Price $1199

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