Avantone Planar the II Black

TALLMAN, NY, USA: Avantone Pro is thrilled to announce the availability of Planar the II, an upgraded version of its original open-back reference-grade headphones with planar drivers. Introduced three years ago to immense critical acclaim, these headphones offered a groundbreaking departure from traditional dynamic designs. Planar the II takes the best features of its predecessor and enhances them further, reducing the weight for improved comfort during long mixing and listening sessions. It continues to deliver exceptional accuracy, high-end detail, clarity, natural bass, and rapid response time that can be attributed to its namesake planar drivers. As a result, it is the perfect solution for mix engineers, musicians, podcasters, live-streamers, and hi-fi enthusiasts alike. The product became available on June 21…

Avantone Planar the II

To truly appreciate the excellence of Planar the II’s planar drivers, it is important to understand the science behind them and the advantages they offer. Unlike traditional moving-coil (dynamic) drivers that generate audio through an asymmetric single-magnet design, resulting in an unnatural spheroid wavefront, planar drivers operate through a matrix of neodymium magnets. These magnets push and pull from both sides of an ultra-thin, lightweight diaphragm across its entire surface area, creating a more natural wavefront with minimal harmonic distortion and incredibly fast response time. This symmetrical vibration is what enables Planar the II to produce its trademark tight bass and expansive soundstage, with an impressive ceiling of 30 kHz.

Planar the II is the culmination of Avantone Pro’s extensive experience in meeting the demands of music professionals. Its perfectly tuned open-back architecture eliminates pressure build-up, acoustic resonance, and frequency curve issues commonly found in closed-back headphones. This ensures accurate representation of monitored music. When using Planar the II, every vocal nuance, the subtle decay of reverberation tails, and powerful, punchy bass can be heard with clarity and precision, without any exaggerated emphasis.

Avantone Planar the II Red

Comfort was a top priority in the design of Planar the II, as Avantone Pro understands the importance of long-term usage in professional settings. These audiophile-grade headphones are lighter than the already impressively lightweight classic Planar design that came before them. Additionally, they feature cozy ear pads that remain comfortable even during extended mixing and listening sessions. The package includes a high-quality, detachable 3.5mm cable measuring two meters in length, allowing flexibility for workflow or handedness. For added convenience, an eco-friendly shoulder bag with ample space for accessories, including a cable pouch, is included with the purchase.

Price $399.00

Find a list of dealers here: https://www.avantonepro.com/en/dealers

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