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Arturia’s new interface called AudioFuse just raised the bar on signal to noise ratio. If you looking for a new audio interface, AudioFuse looks like its given the other audio interfaces competition. Read more below.

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: having actually blown music minds as well as opened ears when revealing its AudioFuse at The 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, today music software application and hardware developer Arturia is honored to expose just what makes this next-generation sound user interface practically tick (all the boxes)…

Sound is where the music heart is, so two DiscretePRO ® microphone preamps– exclusive style, properly rendering complete performance control over every part utilized, instead than simply relying upon tried-and-tested third-party integrated amplifiers– beat (the competition) at the technological heart of AudioFuse. Why? Well, consider this. Magnifying a microphone’s tiny signal to an appropriate working line signal without presenting noise or distortion is no simple job. While lots of producers use the numerous incorporated amplifiers readily available, each and also every one of those brings their own characteristics and constraints to the table, which is specifically why Arturia– in addition to a group of analogue sound specialists as well as sound designers– used cutting-edge technology to create its very own circuits using discrete elements as well as enhance on desirable design suggestions from the golden era of analog consoles. The result? DiscretePRO ®, an incredibly pristine analogue microphone preamp circuit that catches microphone distinctions– and performances– as properly as feasible.

And Arturia has the truths as well as numbers to show it. While several manufacturers consistently set up examinations to their advantage, AudioFuse’s superlative specs have actually all been verified with a state-of-the-art APx555, the most recent sound analyzer from Audio Precision, purveyors of the identified specification in audio screening. These are all real-world efficiency measurements (in compliance with AES117 requirements)—analog signal path, taken at insert factor, not the deceptive chipset efficiencies published on celebration by other less clear contending firms. The test results speak volumes about AudioFuse. Allow’s talk signal-to-noise ratio, for instance, shared as Matching Input Noise (EIN). This number shows exactly how loud audio material is in comparison to undesirable circuit noise. The much better signal-to-noise requirements—the lesser EIN measurements, the cleaner the resultant sound. So the EIN dimension on Arturia’s DiscretePRO® technology is much better compared to that of anything else in its class: > 129dB unweighted (> 131dB A-weighted).

Mission accomplished. Arturia’s next-generation AudioFuse genuinely ticks all the technical boxes. Best delay up until it is readily available to purchase just before choosing your following audio interface, perhaps? Perhaps you ideal make it a next-generation one!

Price $599.00 USD

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