ATC announced the launch of their new loudspeaker called SCM45A Pro earlier this year at NAMM 2015. This loudspeaker is not made for the bedroom studio so don’t go crazy. The SCM45A Pro is for a professional studio. Read more below.

ASTON DOWN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK: professional British loudspeaker drive device and also full sound system supplier ATC is proud to release the SCM45A Pro– an all- new high-performance, three-way compact active speaker.

The SCM45A Pro is a completely new design, yet shares numerous attributes with its smaller brother or sister, the highly-successful SCM25A Pro compact active loudspeaker that is three-way, . As a mid-size, three-way design that can be utilized in near- or mid-field positions, the SCM45A Pro perfectly loads a gap in ATC’s high-performance, pro active center monitor speaker variety. It has high output and delivers extended low frequency for its size– and also without endangering the overall balance for which ATC is so renowneded.


Like the SCM25A Pro, the new SCM45A Pro is an active three-way design with an unmatched direct feedback throughout the midrange, and also across the remainder of the audible frequency variety. In comparison to the SCM25A Pro, the SCM45A Pro showcases a 2nd woofer for deep bass reaction as well as increased SPL (Sound Pressure Level) ability, along with ATC’s new proprietary dual-suspension tweeter– the initial to be designed and also developed by the company, and also the outcome of six years of study and also development by ATC Supervisor Billy Woodman and also R&D Engineer Richard Newman– for increased resolution on the high end.

The SCM45A Pro is especially interesting given that not just is it a totally new addition to the variety, but it’s also the first ATC three-way professional monitor to integrate our brand-new high-performance SH25-76S dual- suspension tweeter. The SCM45A Pro additionally incorporates a new variant of our existing SB50-164 short-coil bass driver, which we designed as well as crafted particularly to run in a parallel wired pair.

Those drive units are powered by ATC’s exclusive active Tri – AmpPack, a three-channel discrete MOSFET Class A/B design with 150W, 60W, and 25W for the bass, mid, and also high regularity varieties, specifically. Revealingly, the SCM45A Pro is literally in proportion– not mirror imaged, as well as is accordingly sized for positioning on or behind a console meter bridge. It is ideally fit, consequently, to positioning as a centre speaker in between other SCM45A Pros and ATC’s acclaimed SCM50ASL Pro three-way active speakers.

“Every attribute of the speaker has been labored over– from the drive devices and also amplifier style to the cabinet,” concludes Newman. “The result is a small, yet high-performance professional monitor worthwhile of taking its location in our professional monitor array.”

Price £7,042.00 GBP

Find out more here.

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