V Collection 4

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Arturia drop a new V Collection called V Collection 4 packed with analog goodness. V Collection 4 includes some of the best analog emulation synths from Arturia so don’t sleep on this. Read more below.

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: hardware designer , music software and also supplier Arturia is honored to reveal accessibility of V Collection 4. Its premium-packaged ultimate software application collection of key-boards as well as drum devices, upgraded and also expanded to include each one of the cutting- edge most current software instruments for demanding artists as of December 2 …

V Collection 4 takes the premium software application collection principle musically further onward, loading an even more powerful punch than its V Collection 3.0 precursor. All 12 of Arturia’s award-winning Analog Classic variety of real-sounding software program of timeless analogue instruments are now included, consisting of the most current VOX Continental V (Sixties-vintage VOX Continental 300 combo organ), Solina V (Seventies-vintage Solina String Ensemble string device), as well as Matrix 12 V (Eighties-vintage Oberheim Matrix-12 polysynth) additions. New to V Collection 4 is SPARK 2, Arturia’s innovative sound-sculpting software including over 170 drum machines and also over 5,500 designs ranging from hip-hop to several of the most current EDM categories.

Whereas the V Collection 3.0 packaging was a somewhat weighty affair, suiting several installer DVDs plus published user manuals, V Collection 4 smartly drops some pounds by favorably including an all-inclusive installer on one USB flash drive, yet still takes care of conveniently accommodate a lot more printed customer handbooks in English … one for each and every software application tool included.

Price $399.99

Find out more.

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