Arturia BeatStep Controller

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Arturia is bringing the heat with the BeatStep Controller. This bad fella has the goods to keep any synth head happy. One thing Arturia got right is adding CV to this controller so you can use it with the MiniBrute, MicroBrute or any other analog synth that is CV capable. This should be a worthwhile addition to your setup. Read more below.

Arturia’s BeatStep provides a brand-new level of capability and efficiency in an effective, portable pad- and encoder packed USB Class-compliant controller at an unprecedented price-to-performance ratio. You can trigger audio clips within powerful and versatile programs such as Ableton Live or playing drum parts along with the likes of FXpansion BFD or Toontrack EZdrummer.

Individuals can pleasantly make use of BeatStep’s 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads to create vibrant percussion patterns. Can you use this BeatStep Live? Well, when operating in CNTRL (controller) mode those pads backlit LEDs are brightly lit in red and excellent for overcoming much from perfect lighting disorders that are commonly associated with onstage operation. Actually, this additionally helps with making studio-based beats easier on the eye also.

But beyond the trigger-happy percussion-friendly pads lies a wealth of versatile functions for creating mind-blowing popular music. Switch to SEQ (sequencer) mode and those backlit LEDs come to be blue for on-the-spot visual verification for adjustment. The pads now perform a different function, too. Each one represents a 16-step sequence while pitch modifications for each action is offered using BeatStep’s 16 encoders. Approximately 16 sequence patterns can be easily kept for instant recall. Also the encoder-enabled scale methods, sequencer playback methods, and time branch functions enable for real-time changes.

Arturia BeatStep Controller

Whatever your connection choices could be, Arturia has actually helped keep BeatStep one step ahead of the competition by thoughtfully offering MIDI, USB, and CV/GATE choices. Users could pleasantly drive anything from software application tools to suitably-equipped equipment, including tools like Arturia’s own super-selling MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer and MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer. Using BeatStep’s super-slender type element, a custom breakout cable could be made use of to drive conventional MIDI equipment. Liberty of options is always a remarkable thing and much more so when it pertains to tip sequencing!

Speaking of connectivity, when made use of with an Apple iPad and Video camera Hookup Kit combo, BeatStep becomes one of the most versatile iPad application operators around too. Its reasonably small measurements make these desirable gadgets the perfect manufacturing partnership. Nevertheless, freedom to travel is additionally a wonderful thing when bringing a production-ready BeatStep in a knapsack that is far from backbreaking and additionally not likely to break the bank!

Those wishing to make use of BeatStep as a general function controller are genuinely catered for since its pads can be configured to be MIDI CC buttons or delegated to send Program and MIDI CC Control messages in addition to note messages. The transport buttons could be MMC controls or MIDI CC to start and stop any type of connected software DAW. BeatStep’s 16 encoders, 16 pads/buttons, and 16 pre-programmed memories at your command, you could think of a number of methods to make use of BeatStep in any real-time or studio environment.

Price $129.00 USD/€99.00 EUR

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