Arturia Announces Audio Interface

Arturia audio interface

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Arturia just revealed that they’re jumping into the audio interface market with their own audio interface. Little details are available but I’m sure more will be revealed soon. Read more below.

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: songs software application and equipment designer Arturia is proud to announce that it will certainly be boldly tipping right into a brand-new market for the company when unveiling the next-generation audio interface in 2015 …

Arturia head Frédéric bowled over an audience of invited industry insiders and Experts while making announcement during his impressive captivating keynote address at the Museum of Grenoble as part of the company’s 15th anniversary celebrations on October 3, 2014. Below he touched on a number of issues relating to mobile audio interfaces that modern musicians have actually been compelled to live as well as work with for rather some time.

But why run the risk of getting in a probably currently overcrowded market with yet another audio interface? Why, undoubtedly, Mr Head of state? During the keynote, Frédéric Brun bravely admitted that a distributor had cautioned him not to go there, explaining that there are currently

“… too many competitors– big business with history in the industry.”

His response.

“Yes, that is correct. At Arturia we are consistent, as well as we assume we can do something different. We think we can bring something brand-new to market.”

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