Analogue Solutions is excited to show off the 4th round of the Colossus synth that harkens back to the future of analog with a powerful analog ‘workstation’ with 12 VCOs (Voltage-Controlled Oscillators) by taking its design hints from the classic EMS Synthi 100 without the Synthi circuit makes Colossus perfect for a new generation of users — as of February 15…


Colossus waiting list (here:

Analogue Solutions is steadily working on upgrade options, which will be revealed later this year and available to purchase as add-ons.


Price £25,000.00

Buy here:
Direct Shipping wait time is around two to four weeks after Analogue Solutions’ receipt of a £6,500.00 GBP deposit (excluding tax and delivery), pay here: — payment in full plus paid shipping before sending out. (Please note that if shipping is required then the crate and packing is estimated at £300.00 GBP, while shipping will range from around £300.00 GBP for Western Europe to around £1,500.00 GBP for the USA.)

Find out more here:

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