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Akai just announced the introduction of their new MPD Series Pad Controllers called the MPD218, MPD226 and MPD232. Now you can connect a MPD to your ipad and get busy. Read more below.

Cumberland, RI USA (July 7, 2015)– Akai Pro, a leading supplier of mixers, keyboards as well as production tools for recording artists and performers, today announced the introduction of their brand-new MPD Collection of pad controllers. These new controllers are a conception of over 6 years of in-depth client research and individual comments. The outcome is one of the most qualified and easy to use line of pad controllers Akai Pro has developed to day.

All versions include new, Thick Fat MPC pads that are ultra-sensitive developing an exceptionally responsive individual communication. They likewise have a broadened control readied to maximize the FXs and sounds readily available to the individual, iOS compatibility using the Camera Connection Kit and also over $400 of totally free software (Ableton Live Lite, Big Bang Cinema and also Big Bang Drums from Sonivox, as well as Software Preset Editor).


Setting up shop on the success of Akai Pro’s previous MPD18, MPD26 as well as MPD32, these brand-new pad controllers present significantly boosted command capability to support the artist’s imaginative initiatives:

– The MPD218 has red light-up MPC pads as well as a greatly expanded command set of 6 knobs in 3 banks vs. one command on the previous MPD18 model.
– The MPD226 has actually an expanded control set of 4 buttons , 4 knobs, 4 faders in 3 banks for 36 overall controls vs. 12 commands on the MPD26
– The MPD232 flaunts an all-new 64-channel 32-step sequencer, which the MPD32 did not have.


Additionally individuals take pleasure in instinctive control editing right from the front panel on the MPD226 as well as MPD232, and also all three designs can be set by means of the included easy-to-use Preset Editor, so artists of any type of degree could boost their performance immediately. This is among the lots of points that distinguish the Akai Professional MPD232, 226 as well as 218 from everything else.

$199 for the MPD218
$299 for the MPD226
$399 for the MPD232

Available Summer 2015.

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