Akai MPC Headphones Are Out Now

Akai MPC Headphones

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Akai just announced the availability of the MPC Headphones for beat-making, recording and mixing. You can buy MPC Headphones directly from Akai now. Read more below.

For many years, the Akai Professional MPC has been the industry-standard tool for beat-making, sampling, and sequencing– the go-to equipment for crafting platinum hits that has actually literally enabled the production of completely brand-new genres of songs. MPC Headphones symbolize the same no-shortcuts approach, incorporating costs innovations and accurate engineering to offer you the the power to create every track with accuracy.

Showcasing renowned Akai Pro construct quality and audio performance, MPC Headphones were made to be an effective tool for audio beat-making in the recording studio. Custom-made 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets reproduce your tracks with ease so you could make confident choices regarding each aspect of your music. Listen to the synchronized thump and breeze of a kick drum. Blend layers of samples while making important changes to the vocal to make it pop. The MPC Headphones are truly a microscopic lens for your songs.

Akai MPC Headphones

The overstuffed ear pads operate as a soundproof booth, shutting out ambient sound so you can focus on your craft. MPC Headphones contain “bleed” from click-tracks or headphone mixes, which will help preserve a purer signal captured by surrounding microphones, such as vocals & acoustic instruments. Zone-in and develop in the most comfy studio workplace … your head.

Gunmetal light weight aluminum and steel building was purpose-built for the tenacities of use in the studio. Strong enough for every-day use, yet light in weight good enough for all-day usage, MPC Headphones mix elegant convenience with durable longevity.

Furnished with 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) and 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) hookups, you can be sure that regardless of what the audio source, you will certainly be able to connect to it.

Price $199.99

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