Akai Introduces AFX & AMX DJ Controllers


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Akai just announced new DJ controllers for Serato DJ called AFX and AMX. Akai is stepping up their DJ game with these new controllers. Read more below.

Cumberland, RI, USA– August 4, 2014. Akai (akaipro.com), a leader in technology of electronic music manufacturing and live performance for over 25 years, unveils the AMX and AFX controllers for Serato DJ. With a USB connection, AMX and AFX each place comprehensive hands-on controls to a range of DJ configurations varying from Serato NoiseMap Control Vinyl (DVS), HID-capable CD transports, minimalist controllers and a lot more.


AFX, a controller for modern turntablists and electronic dance music artists, showcases a user-friendly selection of knobs, pads and buttons for advanced track control. 10 pad modes enable DJs to trigger sounds, establish launch hot-cues, slice tunes, and put together loops on from 8 velocity-sensitive, lit up pads. Touch-activated FX knobs offer sound sculpting adeptness with an innovative spin– a Touch mode permits the knobs to respond with a tap, turn, or both. An unlimited controller with LED readout provides needle-drop accessibility to any sort of area in the track for a hyper-efficient process. AFX is the first genuine Serato Accessory to consist of unique controls for Serato’s recently minted Serato Flip Expansion Pack.


AMX is a plug and play mixing control area with inputs for Serato NoiseMap control signals. AMX opens the full-version of Serato DJ, and showcases a 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface for sending out the mix to a speaker system with studio-grade top quality. With EQ, gain, Filter knobs, 2 line faders, and a mini innoFADER crossfader, AMX is the suitable central center for a Serato.

AFX $199.99

AMX $249.99

Find out more at akaipro.com

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