3 Tips For Digging Vinyl Records to Build Collection

Vinyl record collection

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You ever see those YouTube videos or documentaries of your favorite producer with 60,000 records? A person from the outside looking in are imaging how can I get that many records. Some of these producers collected records since they were 8 years old so trying to build a collection of 60,000 is nearly impossible. If you’re rich, just go ahead and pay top dollar and get all the records you can afford. This tip is for the person that makes a modest living and need a vast collection for sampling. I figured out a way to get as many records by looking in different places.

I put together 3 tips to help you on your quest for vinyl bless. If you follow these tips, you will be surprised with what you find. I even surprised myself with my own discovery. Check out my tips and take advantage of the info.

Tip 1 – Avoid Record Stores

Record stores are you’re first bet but let me tell you, you won’t get a deal there. Good ole record stores markup records to a higher price. I know these things cause while I’m digging there is always some bum or radio station Dj selling them significantly cheaper to the store. I even heard on the grape vine that some stores are pressing copies of classic records and selling them off as reissues. Instead of digging in record stores, try thrift stores, estate sales, rummage sales etc.

Tip 2 – Avoid Record Conventions

Record Conventions are for people looking for rare records and are willing to part with allot of money. If you are not into rare records, avoid record conventions. Also, if you follow my tips, you might find a rare record in a lot of old records. Keep reading to find out more.

Tip 3 – Look in Classifieds

Ok, looking in the classified is where to find the best deal. You will have to look for ads from people wanting to unload a ton of vinyl records. Usually people who put ads in the paper might be just wanting to get rid of the records but don’t want much money for it. Those are the best. Look for those and follow thru. Another good avenue is Craig’s List. In fact, Craig’s List is the best option. I got over 1000 records for $65. You think you can get this at a record store? Sometimes you could get a lot of records for free. You keep doing this until you get that giant collection to brag about. Like I said, you have to look around.

Hope these tips will serve you well on your quest. If anybody else have any digging tips or anything cool to share, feel free to leave comment below.

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