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XILS-lab added a new product line called XILS DeeS. XILS DeeS is a de-esser you can incorporate in your mixes to remove sibilance from vocals or other instruments. I use a De-esser all the time to tame sibilance in vocals. You might want to give XILS DeeS a look. Read more below.

XILS LabGRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software developer XILS-lab is happy to announce availability of XILS DeeS– a user friendly de-esser plug-in for all major PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8) and Mac (OS X 10.5 or greater) compatible formats for quickly ridding voice recordings of all sibilant-related issues while strongly protecting priceless attributes to produce perfect-sounding results– as of July 28 …

Sibilance– a manner of way of fricative consonants (made by the friction of breath in a narrow opening, producing a generating rough airflow and affricate consonants (combining and integrating with an immediately following spirant continuous expulsion of constant breath– sharing the same place of the area)– has been the bane of faithfully capturing human emotive since the birth of recording. This is why the XILS DeeS, the latest plug-in par quality from XILS-lab, comes into play …

The first new plug-in a brand-new line designed to produce phenomenal possibilities; XILS DeeS does exactly that, being remarkably simple to utilize. You can tweak and Fine-tune DETECTION FREQ and control REDUCTION. Sibilance can be removed incorporated with exclusive PLOSIVE detection to result in lively, real voices.

There are so many additional features of XILS DeeS to satisfy the eye (or ear). With its clearly labeled twin signal course with SOLO buttons as well as linked sound building controls for each channel– VOICE EQ (shade coded) and SIBILANT EQ (colour coded in orange), XILS DeeS is as easy to make sense of as it is to utilize.

Price €59.00 EUR then rising to €89.00 EUR on Sept 1st 2014

Check out audio demos.


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