Top 5 Recommended Beatmaking Tools


MPC Software – Renaissance/Studio/Touch

MPC Software

Akai MPC Software is the first MPC in software form to be utilized on a computer. If you like software and desire an MPC groove for your plugins, this is the MPC for you. The only method to get software program is to purchase MPC Renaissance MPC Studio Black or MPC Touch. MPC Element features MPC Essentials software which is a stripped down version of MPC Software. You do require a computer system with the most up to date version of Mac or Windows. Also, the only way to get MPC Software is to either buy the MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, MPC Touch etc. Later this year Akai will be releasing the hybrid MPC X and MPC Live with updated MPC Software 2.0. Right now I’m using the MPC Renaissance with MPC Software to make most of my beats today.

As of today, I can’t find any new MPC Renaissance’s but you could find a used one for a decent price. Just make sure it comes with the software.

Akai MPC Studio Black Sampling Drum Machine

Akai MPC Touch Music Production Workstation

Find out more here.

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