Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio

Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio Workaround Unti...

Jun 06, 20135 Comments

Since the introduction of the Akai MPC Renaissance and Studio, many have complained of how buggy the software is and I’ve experienced many of those

Vinyl record collection

3 Tips For Digging Vinyl Records to Build C...

May 15, 2013No Comments

You ever see those YouTube videos or documentaries of your favorite producer with 60,000 records? A person from the outside looking in are imaging how

Teenage engineering op-1

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Drum Kit Building ...

May 01, 2013No Comments

 seems to have mastered the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and I think his tips on the device can be translated using any analog or virtual synth.  This is

Akai mpc ren

Making Beats with Hardware or Software

Apr 01, 2013No Comments

Making beats for hip hop is a fun experience. There are no rules but some have a preference for what they feel is better. The


The Basic Concepts of EQ

Mar 27, 2013No Comments

I wanted to write about EQ because I think many don’t know how to use it properly. This is not a detailed how to use


Acoustic Treatment for Home Studio

Mar 21, 2013No Comments

Getting acoustic treatment for your studio should be high on the list. Buying expensive studio gear will help but for the overall sound engineering, you


Cables Are Important

Mar 18, 2013No Comments

So you bought the latest greatest synthesizer, a computer loaded with plugins, audio sound interface, mics and monitors. All those things are great but one

Top 5

The Best Top 5 iOS Music Instrument Apps

Mar 13, 2013No Comments

The best top 5 iOS Music Instruments apps is something many blogs cover but I wanted to through my 2 cents in. There are many

Mv 8800


Feb 15, 2013105 Comments

Ok, I messed around with the MV-8800 sequencer for the past two days. I’m confident I got my mind wrap around the function of this