MPC Software 2.0 Warp Mode Tutorial

MPC Software 2.0 Warp Mode

This is a short tutorial on Warp Mode inside MPC Software 2.0. The video demonstrates warp mode for loops and chops that can be synced to tempo and pitched shift in real-time.

EQ Analysis From Mateo

Check out professional mix engineer Mateo demonstrating mix analysis on various EQ’s to point out how different EQs are. Not all EQs are the same so take some time to check out this informative video.

Top 5 Recommended Beatmaking Tools

Top 5 Beatmaking Tools

There are many beatmaking tools readily available on the market to make beats that an individual might find difficult to decide what to use. I’ve compiled a list of recommended beatmaking tools in the software domain. The things I will reveal in this post might amaze some especially when it comes down to cost. Take […]

Recording at Higher Sample Rates

Recording at higher sampling rates

Recording at higher sample rates has been debated for several years. There is one camp for higher sample rates and another camp that feels 44.1 is just fine for recording since the final track will be 44.1 capable for CD playback. Higher sample rates yield higher dynamic range but can cost you valuable disk space. […]

Cheap Headphones

Sony MDR-ZX100

Over the years while making beats and mixing I discovered something that helped me pinpoint where my bass is in the mix. Cheap headphones always gave me a good perspective on the lows and low mids. Expensive headphones are not necessary all the time especially for bass because most expensive headphones can handle deeper lows […]

Controlling Bass and Mud Part 2

Bass and mud

Controlling Bass and Mud is a hard process in a untreated room. You will need some kind of treatment to reap the benefits of this post. I wanted to continue on the topic of Bass and Mud because there are so many tricks to help achieve the sound you want. I have a few more […]

Controlling Bass and Mud Part 1

Controlling bass and mud

Over the years I’ve learned some tricks of the trade when it comes to mixing songs. Controlling bass can be a hard thing to tackle in an untreated or poorly treated room. I’ve had to learn how to listen out for bass and make sure it’s not vibrating something in my room. If something is […]

The Best Top 5 Free Music Instrument Apps for iPad

The best top 5

I’ve decided to list my best top 5 free music instrument apps to help people who just spent all their money on a iPad but have no money left for apps. Well, here are a few apps to get you started. I tried to put a list together with apps you can do actual work […]

Choosing A Microphone Pre-Amp

choosing a pre-amp

Pre-Amps are important just like microphones and for years I would take them both for granted. When I first got started into recording I never took Pre-amps and microphones serious and my first recordings were real lo fi sounding. Back then I thought the only thing important was the Emcee, DJ, MPC and sound card […]

Akai MPC Software 1.4 Missing VST Help

MPC Software 1.4

Akai released MPC Software 1.4 update for the masses this week but the net has been flooded with users complaining of problems with missing VSTs after install. If you have a computer running 64 bit, you will run into this problem of missing plug-ins. If your OS is 64bit the MPC software will automatically be setup to launch […]