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Take A Look At SYNERGY R1


Check out Audified’s new modular rack processor called “SYNERGY R1” a world class reverb thats a hybrid. The module is software controlled so rest assured you have the best of both worlds. Read more below.

BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: VST developer Audified is proud to reveal the availability of SYNERGY R1– representing its very first venture into hardware with a ‘remote-controlled’ software/hardware hybrid digital (REVERB)/ analog (SATURATOR) processing module for the 500 series modular rack structure style popularized by API — as of July 10 …

Think of a studio reverb with seven sorts of algorithms in harmony with 3 type of true analog saturation, remotely-controlled from your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with a superior sound as well as first-rate user interface. Imagine saying goodbye to make room (in your 500 series lunchbox) for Audified’s HARMONY R1, a studio reverb for a brand-new era.

Modern producers tend to shy away from audio equipment FX in this day and age. Why? Well, the high-end of recalling such sessions like yesteryear’s producers is a taxing process as well as reducing production spending determine that today’s time-stressed producers usually take to sacrificing CPU power for plug-in comfort. Conceptually– and also actually, as a ‘remote-controlled’ software / hardware hybrid digital (REVERB)/ analog (SATURATOR) processing component for the 500 series modular rack frame style popularized by API, SYNERGY R1 is a completely different production proposition, one that efficiently turns modern production assumptions on their head.

Price $1,399.00 USD

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