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Check Out Eventide Audio Rotary Mod

Oct 28, 2019No Comments

LITTLE FERRY, NJ, USA: Eventide is proud to release Rotary Mod for iOS, introducing the legendary sound effect produced from an authentic emulation based on

ACPD Drumkit & Game

Check Out The ACPD Drum Kit & Game Cam...

May 17, 2017No Comments

WIFO Corporation announced their Kickstarter campaign for their ACPD Drum Kit & Game that works on a smart phone or tablet. Be one of the


Use Your Photos to Make Music with VOSIS

Jan 13, 2014No Comments

If you’re a iOS device user you should be excited with all the new apps being released. I’m not sure VOSIS is a app for

IK multimedia iRing

IK Multimedia announces iRing Motion Contro...

Jan 08, 20141 Comment

IK Multimedia just announced the iRing Motion Controller for iOS iPhone and iPad. The iRing can control IK Multimedia apps. Do any of you remember


Jamn – The Musician’s Multi-Too...

Aug 17, 2013No Comments

MIQ released an App last year named Jamn to help musicians with chord progression and an easy way to learn music theory. All of this

Akai impc iphone

Akai and Retronyms Released iMPC for iPhone

Aug 02, 2013No Comments

Akai and Retronyms released iMPC for iPhone for $2.99 only for a limited time. Now you can make beats on your iPhone on the go.

The best top 5

The Best Top 5 Free Music Instrument Apps f...

Jul 30, 2013No Comments

I’ve decided to list my best top 5 free music instrument apps to help people who just spent all their money on a iPad but

Traktor DJ free

Traktor DJ iOS App Free But For How Long?

Jul 08, 2013No Comments

Native Instruments decided to give the Traktor DJ app away free for the time being. I’m not sure how long but download it now so

Luftrum Thor

Luftrum Thor Patches For Reason & iPad...

Jul 06, 2013No Comments

Luftrum just released Luftrum Thor for Reason and iPad. Luftrum is a freelance sound designer from Denmark that has an extensive resume designing patches for companies for their

Propellerhead thor

Propellerhead Just Released Thor for iOS

Jun 20, 2013No Comments

Propellerhead decided to make the Thor synth from Reason available for the iPad. Now you can have Reason sounds on the go. I’ve always stayed